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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

wxWidgets is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. It has popular language bindings for Python, Perl, Ruby and many other languages, and unlike other cross-platform toolkits, wxWidgets gives applications a truly native look and feel because it uses the platform's native API rather than emulating the GUI. It's also extensive, free, open-source and mature.

Latest News

wxWidgets 3.1.1 Released

Posted on

After a long period of development, wxWidgets 3.1.1 has been released today and is available from GitHub. As usual, along with sources and documentation, we provide binaries for the selected Windows compilers (Microsoft Visual C++ and MinGW-TDM).

Please notice that while 3.1.1 is officially a “development” version because it is not fully compatible with the “stable” 3.0.x, the list of backwards incompatible changes is very short, so you shouldn’t have any problems updating to this version from 3.0.x in practice, and you’re encouraged to try this version out and use it in production in spite of its odd version number.

Compared to 3.0, in addition to the changes in the previous release, this version brings:

  • Support for gesture events (GSoC 2017 project).
  • Getting JavaScript code return value from wxWebView (also GSoC 2017 project).
  • New wxSecretStore class for securely storing user passwords.
  • New, available in parallel with the existing one, CMake build system.
  • Support for context-sensitive translations.
  • Possibility to disable unsafe wxString conversions on the opt-in basis (see this post for more details).
  • Support for using any window (e.g. wxCheckBox) as wxStaticBox label.
  • Many improvements to accessibility support under MSW.
  • Support for fractional pen widths in wxGraphicsContext.
  • Many improvements to the (still experimental) wxQt port.

Additionally, the latest versions of compilers (e.g. MSVS 2017) and operating systems (macOS 10.12) are now supported and all the third party libraries have been updated to their latest versions.

Of course, this brief list doesn’t cover all the changes done in more than 2800 commits since 3.1.0, please see the full change log for a more detailed list.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release and we hope that you will enjoy working with it!


GSoC 2017 Projects

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wxWidgets has been allocated two slots for this year Google Summer of Code. Congratulations to Prashant Kumar and Jose Lorenzo for being selected to work on them! This year projects are: adding support for multi-touch gestures to wxWidgets (Prashant) and improving integration with JavaScript in wxWebView (Jose). Good luck to our students and looking forward to seeing the result of their work in wxWidgets!

Thanks to everyone who has applied to wxWidgets organization this year, to our mentors and, of course, to Google for organizing GSoC.


wxWidgets 3.0.3 Released

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wxWidgets 3.0.3, the latest release in the stable 3.0 series, is now available. Upgrading to it is strongly recommended for all users of the previous 3.0.x release as it brings a lot of bug fixes and support for newer compilers (MinGW 4.9 and 5), SDKs (macOS 10.10 and later) and libraries (GStreamer 1.0) but remains 100% compatible with 3.0.0, both at the API and the ABI level, and so upgrading to it doesn’t require absolutely any changes to the existing applications.

The announcement post contains the fuller list of the most important changes in this release and they are described in even more details in the change log.

As usual, in addition to the sources, you can also download binaries for the selected Windows compilers (any version of Microsoft Visual C++ from 2008 to 2017 or MinGW-TDM 4.9.2 or 5.1.0). And you can read the documentation for this release online.

Thanks to everybody who contributed, by reporting bugs and submitting patches, to this wxWidgets release. We hope you will find it even better than the previous one and will enjoy using it!


New Major wxPython Release

Posted on

The first official release of the new version of wxPython (code name Phoenix) has just been released to PyPI.

This release brings support for Python 3 (while still supporting Python 2.7), installation from PyPI and is fully self-contained and relocatable so it can be installed in virtual environments.

See migration guide if you’re upgrading from a previous wxPython version and full API documentation for the new version.


We Will Participate in GSoC 2017

Posted on

After a two year hiatus, wxWidgets is participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program again! GSoC is a great program allowing students to do something useful to many people and gain experience and learn new things during the summer and be paid a stipend for doing it. As for the open source projects, such as wxWidgets, it’s a great opportunity to attract more developers to the projects.

Please see the program site to learn more about it and, most importantly, please spread the word among any students or professors you know – we are looking for motivated students who would be interested in working on wxWidgets during the summer. Thanks in advance!


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