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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

The Team

This is a list of the main wxWidgets developers and their current projects. Please let me know if there are people or projects I have forgotten, or if an existing entry needs modification.

Core Team

  • Dr. Robert Roebling - Robert Roebling has written the initial GTK+ port and has overseen its development since then.

  • Dr. Vadim Zeitlin - Vadim is a lynch-pin of the wxWidgets project, working on most of the ports and responsible for some monumental reengineering work and many important new classes. He also wrote most of the wxUniversal widget set and maintains the Mahogany mail client. Vadim contributes prolifically to the mailing lists, both helping ‘newbies’ and discussing complex C++ and design issues. Vadim is based in France and runs his own consultancy company, TT-Solutions.

  • Dr. Stefan Csomor - Another medical doctor, Stefan Csomor wrote and maintains the wxMac, the port to OS X. He runs Advanced Concepts AG, a Swiss software consultancy specialising in medical software.

  • Dr. Julian Smart - Julian Smart started the wxWidgets project at the University of Edinburgh in 1992. He works on various aspects of the project, including wxX11, wxWinCE, release engineering, and web site maintenance. Julian’s company Anthemion Software Ltd. produces consumer and developer products, including the story development software StoryLines, and the wxWidgets dialog editor DialogBlocks.

  • Václav Slavík - Václav Slavík works on wxHTML, the XRC system, the new build system, wxMGL, and other areas. He also works on a variety of other open source projects.

  • Robin Dunn - Robin works on general wxWidgets maintenance as well as the widely used wxPython system. He is also working for a major wxPython user, the Open Source Applications Foundation, headed up by industry leader Mitch Kapor.

Major Contributors

This list is mainly based on commit access but there are of course many more people who make important contributions to wxWidgets.

  • Bryan Petty - Bryan contributed the refactoring of the wxVScrolledWindow for the additions of the wxHScrolledWindow and wxHVScrolledWindow, as well as several patches to the wxAUI library. He also worked with Francesco Montorsi on the conversion of the reference manual from LaTeX to Doxygen, designed the wxWidgets logo, and hosts this website, the wxWiki, and the online reference manuals.

  • Mattia Barbon - Mattia wrote wxPerl, and works on container classes, wxMotif, and other aspects of wxWidgets.

  • Chris Elliott - Chris wrote wxHatch, and works on Borland C++ and OpenWatcom compatibility among other things.

  • Włodzimierz ‘ABX’ Skiba - ABX does extraordinary amounts of painstaking testing and provides fixes for bugs and warnings in widely used ports. He also explores new wxWidgets ports focusing mainly on mobile devices; and he helps in improving the bakefile build system.

  • Francesco Montorsi - Francesco contributed the wxCollapsiblePane, wxSimpleHtmlListBox, wxHyperlinkCtrl, wxColour/Dir/File/Font/PickerCtrl widgets. He also contributed in other areas like wxPlatformInfo, wxDir, wxFileName, wxHtmlWindow events, indeterminate-mode for wxGauge, positional parameter support for wxVsnprintf, wxPresets for bakefile, wxAnimationCtrl, stock item support for wxGTK. Francesco was a Google Summer of Code student (2006) working on the wxWidgets Project Manager.

  • Kevin Hock - Kevin the secondary author of the wxWidgets book, and has made significant contributions to the wxSocket code, especially making it functional on OS X. He has also done extensive testing and tweaking on the OS X port, and enhancements and bug fixes to the main three ports (e.g. wxPasswordEntryDialog), with some emphasis in consistency among ports’ behavior.

  • Kevin Ollivier - Kevin works on the release scripts, wxWebKit for Mac OS X, the web site, and many other aspects of wxWidgets.

  • Michael Wetherell - Contributed the wxArchive classes and has worked on many other aspects of wxWidgets.

  • Paul Cornett - Paul works on various aspects of code maintainance, improving consistency between ports, and improving the wxGTK port in particular.

  • Stefan Neis - Stefan works on wxOS2 and wxMotif.

  • Mart Raudsepp - Mart is working mainly on enhancements to the GTK+ port of wxWidgets and is the Gentoo Linux wxWidgets maintainer.

  • Jamie Gadd - Jamie works on improving the look and feel and conformity to native behaviour of the Windows port.

  • OSAF (Open Source Applications Foundation) - Members of OSAF including David Surovell, John Anderson and Jed Burgess are active contributors to wxWidgets, especially to the Mac port. Their work on wxPython for OSAF’s Chandler application can be found here.