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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library


wxWidgets presents many user-readable strings such as "help" or "Load file" to users of any wxWidgets-based application that need to be translated to the user's language if it is different from English. wxWidgets has built in support for this, and will automatically translate these strings if the translation for the current language is available.

The list below shows all currently supported translations. If you would like to help translate wxWidgets to your language, please see the instructions below. It is often helpful to have several translators for every language.

Available Translations

How to Help

wxWidgets uses the standard GNU gettext tools for translations so if you are already familiar with them you shouldn't have any problems with working on wxWidgets translations. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Get the latest version of the file wxstd.pot from the wxWidgets source tree. If you're using git or the daily snapshots, you should already have it, otherwise you can always retrieve it directly from here.
  • Rename it to ll_CC.po where ll is the 2 letter ISO 639-1 language code for your language and CC is the 2 letter ISO 3166 country code. If the country is the default one for this language (e.g. Italy is default country for Italian), then the country part and underscore preceding it should be omitted -- this is, in fact, the most common case.
  • Translate the strings in this file using either your preferred text editor or a specialized tool such as Vaclav Slavik's excellent Poedit utility.
  • Verify that your translations can at least be compiled (even if they are incomplete) by running msgfmt -v ll_CC.po. Please note that you must use the -v option. In particular, please fill in the header fields because msgfmt doesn't accept the default values for them.
  • Send the finished translation to Vadim Zeitlin and it will be added to the next wxWidgets release or snapshot.

In addition, please consider subscribing to the translators mailing list where special announcements for translators are announced.