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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

Mailing Lists

Questions or comments for the wxWidgets community and core developers can be sent to one of the mailing lists below. Please use the appropriate list depending on the nature of your post.

In order to post to any of the mailing lists, you will need to subscribe. To do this, you can either send an empty email to the subscription address given or subscribe from the Google Groups web interface. Subscribing by email does not require a Google account.

To ensure a quick and helpful response, be sure to read the advice given in the mailing list posting guide before writing your post.

Available Mailing Lists

Users List

This is the general, all purpose mailing list for any help and questions related to using wxWidgets. If you are unsure which list to use, please post here.

Developers List

A high-traffic list for developers working on improvements and additions to the wxWidgets library. This list is for technical discussion only. Note that all issue tracker notifications are sent here, so you may want to configure your email filters accordingly.

Discussion List

This is a list for anyone to discuss the wxWidgets project, its future, etc. This list is not for technical discussions.

Announcement List

A low-traffic list for announcements including releases. Messages sent to this list are moderated.

Translators List

For anyone involved in writing translations for wxWidgets.

Source Code Updates List

This list is for the convenience of any developers that wish to recieve notifications of all changes in the wxWidgets source code repository.

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  • Archives: Google Group